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The artist and the scientist are surely the keenest observers of the natural world.  More than any other disciplines, these two are apt to record, to explore, and to reiterate.  My work is a throwback to when the artist and scientist were one and the same, discovering and recording, demonstrating order and harmony in a world of infinite moving parts.  Beneath every seeming abstraction is design and purpose.  Every passing experience, a fallen leaf, a far-off bird song, a puddle in the grass has quantifiable significance.

Birds are my ideal mode of interacting with these vast, layered nuances, as they are easily observable, countable, and enjoyable.  They express simultaneously the breathless freedom of flight and an essential connection to place.  Spawning countless myths and legends, birds are evidence of our own inherent, often disregarded intertwining with the natural world.  Just as you and I, birds are tied to a place, moved by the seasons, juxtaposed in a dynamic pattern of shapes, families, and colors.  I seek to present the unseen or unnoticed aspects of this array in an atmosphere of visual interest and scientific rigor.

I have been watching, studying, and drawing birds since my early childhood in northeast Montana, and these passions continue to thrive and build upon each other.  When I'm not exploring around the US or the Neotropics, I can be found somewhere in Gallatin County, binoculars aimed at a flock of sparrows or a pond full of waterbirds.

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