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ABA Bird of the Year

Birding Magazine, Jan/Feb 2013

This Common Nighthawk illustration, done in gouache and colored pencil, was the featured artwork for the American Birding Association's 2013 Bird of the Year.  An iconic bird of evening skylines across the continent, this species is also a conservation focus, tightly tied to its declining food source: flying insects.  Watch for this species before sunset in virtually any non-alpine habitat, bounding through the sky on long, graceful wings with signature white patches near the bend.

Birding Magazine, Nov 2011

This family of Snowy Plovers was the fold-out cover for Birding, accompanying an article about Snowy Plover taxonomy.  The birds in this image are from the Gulf Coast subspecies, threatened by habitat loss and beach traffic.  Like all shorebirds, the baby in this painting will accompany its parents, but is remarkably capable of finding its own food, though only the size of a ping-pong ball.

Snowy Plover
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